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Optimise Qi Flow for bodies and buildings, study at your own pace, in your own space, or learn how to do your very own Feng Shui Assessments for yourself and friends.

The Annual Influences Guide is useful for both novice and experienced Feng Shui enthusiasts, listing month by month influences, and elemental remedies or enhancements using Flying Stars Feng Shui techniques, that you can employ in your home, business, body and lifestyle.

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  • Boost Wealth Opportunities by activating your Wealth Star.
  • Plan for the future by activating your Future Wealth Star!
  • Avoid complications by knowing how to avert unhelpful energy.
  • Promote good health by subduing the influences that can cause problems.
  • Enjoy smooth flowing energy all year by knowing how to enhance specific Qi/Chi in your spaces for optimum harmony.

Calculate your Birth Number (Ming Gua) and learn how to use it with the Annual & Monthly Charts to boost your health and happiness, then apply the same formula for anyone in your family or business.

Your Annual Influences Guide contains a 12 month calendar with important dates, lunar observations and a monthly summary of the influences you need to know about. Also included is a comprehensive glossary of terms plus pages of basic beginner's information (a new 'Reference Pages' section) to help you understand the Guide and put into practice the simple philosophy of energy flow observations.

Happy New Feng Shui Year to you and yours! Wishing you Health, Wealth & Happiness!