Understand the space you live or work in with a Holistic Feng Shui Assessment.

Discover the invisible layers of energy that influence everyday occurrences and use this to tap into abundant universal support using Flying Stars Feng Shui techniques.

A property floorplan and mudmap can be the best tool to begin studying the qi flow of your home :)

Each consult is performed with the intention of releasing old patterns and grids of energy that may be holding you back from achieving improvement with a certain Life Aspect...be it Wealth, Health, Harmony or Happiness...Feng Shui techniques can quite effortlessly 'make the change' and begin your new life filled with abundance, great health and a sense of peace unlike you have known before.

Consultations are taken throughout the year and can be done remotely if needed. Holistic Therapy Connections has been providing Assessments for residents of SE Qld since 2006, and has completed remote assessments for properties interstate and overseas.

A simple mudmap, or something neater like this diagram to the left, can help you understand the spaces of where you live, how energy (qi / chi) moves around and within those spaces, and how you can optimise your living areas for the best Qi Flow possible.

Part of every Holistic Qi Flow Assessment is the production of a diagram (similar to this one) of your own premises. I provide a blank diagram for you to keep and use for renovations, floorplan changes, redecoration, or just for each Annual Influences tweak. Also included is a floorplan diagram with the Natal Chart of your home.


"From the moment Jannette walked through my door I felt I was in the right place with asking her for advice. Jannette made “suggested Feng Shui adjustments”. This sounds a little light, considering that the “adjustments” made such amazing changes to my life, and all within two weeks..." 


"...now I'm ready to implement all your advice. Before I did what you said because you said it would be good for me, and now I see and feel HOW and WHY it is good and am doing it all naturally. ...thank you again .." 


"Feng shui gave a me a tangible method of changing tack; changing the feel of my surroundings so that I could enjoy myself and feel the difference."


"I have had the immense pleasure of consulting Jannette for a Feng Shui reading of my home. I found her to bring magnificent vibrance, energy, and warmth into her work, and that even before applying skills, experience and considerable, intricate knowledge."