The AIG 2018 is available now as a digital download. The AIG contains a 12 month calendar of chart interpretations using the Base Period Chart with overlying Annual and Monthly influences, the interpretations can help you to navigate the flux and flow of life with a little more ease.  Understanding when it is best to plan, research and collate, and when to activate, forge ahead and progress with confidence saves time, money and energy on your part, leading to a life that flows with ease and success.

What measures do you take on a regular basis to ensure the health and harmony of your home? Could it be as simple as following rules and abiding by superstitions...?   And why is it that sometimes bad things happen?

These kinds of questions and ruminations form part of the reasons why people turn to Feng Shui for answers. Modern day Feng Shui is a rich tapestry of different cultural beliefs, weaving together academic knowledge, profound observation and a hefty weight of superstition, but the basis of all Feng Shui is The I Ching, or The Book of Changes, an ancient text that began way back in time more than 3000 years ago.

Over millennia the text had been added to, commented upon, revised, updated, expanded,... but its basic knowledge did not change. This basic knowledge is handed down through Flying Stars Feng Shui - the use of charts and observations to read the energy map of a dwelling and a landscape. It observes energy as it changes over time and through a place. Energy is not static, does not exist as one thing all the time. Bit by bit it moves through a process and is a dynamic quality in any space.

By tracking the energy flow and observing the charts, alongside the landscape Form, a Flying Stars Feng Shui Practitioner can help to unlock the map to your home or property and allow for greater harmony, which in turn promotes good health and increases your wealth opportunities. 


"Can't wait to enjoy the fruits of your labour with the AIG.  I really appreciate the effort you put in to putting them together each year and I know that is substantial."

"I have just read through it and I have always loved the way you interpret the stars. This year is no different."

Deborah Fay, Principal Publisher at MJL Publications

Author of '6 Keys to Happiness'

"Thanks again for the Module 1 E Book... it's just fabulous."

K.L. Gold Coast, Australia

"I'm a distance student who purchased your Module 3 advance charting & interpretations to supplement my feng shui knowledge of Flying Stars a few years ago. I found your work to be fascinating, rewarding and easy to understand. "  

J. R. - Miami, Florida

"I received my AIG today. Thank you SO much... Your thoughtfulness always amazes me. Many blessings."

J.A. Caloundra West, Australia